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Walter Holland began painting early in life, and by the time he was in high school, his talents for the visual arts were already being recognized. Upon graduation, he was awarded the Bank of America Achievement Award in the Field of Visual Art, and a Presidential Scholarship to the Department of Art at Chapman University. While he was at Chapman, where he completed degrees in Fine Art and Communication, he formed a musical group with Dr. Richard Watson known as Amber Route. The band recorded two albums, which have become cult classics, being re-released in China, Korea and Japan more than ten years after their initial release. Walter has also released several albums of solo electronic music and has performed as a guest collaborator on several other albums. Recently, Walter has released two albums of folk songs, primarily from Scotland, Ireland and Great Britain.
In 1985, Walter returned to Chapman as an Adjunct Professor of Art, where he taught computer graphics until 1993. By 1989, he had also accepted positions in the Art departments of UCI and UCLA Extensions, and continued to teach art, design, color theory, electronic music synthesis and computer graphics until 1996. That year, while working as a professor, an engineer, and a musician, he returned to his first love, painting. The paintings Walter produces reflect his diverse experiences and influences. Among the artists that have had a major impact on his work, are Dali, Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet and DeChirico.
Walter's own work consists of an esoteric and academic study of color, light and texture. The subjects of his paintings range from still life and landscapes to geometric figuratives and recently, experimental abstract work.
Walter Holland's work has been shown in many group and one man art exhibits including the prestigious All California Exhibition, in addition to the many publications to his credit. His works have garnered critical acclaim, and have received many awards in the fields of science, visual arts, television and music.


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