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Any of the compact discs mentioned on this site can be ordered directly from Walter Holland, Coriolis Records* or Projekt Records. The price list that follows is for Walter Holland or Coriolis Records. We accept cash, personal checks or money orders drawn on a US bank account. For credit card orders, please contact Projekt Records.

 Catalog Number



 CR-0100-CD  Amber Route  Snail-Headed Victrolas  $14.00
 CR-0101-CD  Amber Route  Ghost Tracks - Import  $16.00
 CR-0103-CD  Walter Holland  Relativity  $12.00
 CR-0105-CD  Walter Holland  Transience of Love  $12.00
 CR-0106-CD  Various Artists  Dali: The Endless Enigma  $14.00
 Pro-26  Black Tape for a Blue Girl  Ashes in the Brittle Air  $13.00
 Pro-25  Black Tape for a Blue Girl  Mesmerized by the Sirens  $13.00
 HC008  Djam Karet and Guest Artists  Collaborator  $13.00

Please add $3.50 postage for 1 to 3 items and $1.00 for each additional item. Send order to Walter Holland / Coriolis Records - Box 1479 Lake Elsinore, CA 92531-1479. Thank you for your order!


*The Dali CD is no longer available from Coriolis Records as it is out of print. However, we offer some perfect quality used CDs.

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