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Walter has participated in many group projects, and has been a guest artist and/or producer on the albums of several other groups and composers. Here is a sampling of just a few:


Dali: The Endless Enigma

The Dali project was put together by Walter Holland, and also included fellow composers Steve Roach, Djam Karet, Loren Nerell, Bo Tomlyn, Robert Rich, Michael Stearns, Michel Huygen and Klaus Schulze. Each artist chose a painting by Salvador Dali, and composed a piece of instrumental electronic music that was inspired by the painting. The project was immensely successful, and has become a landmark in the field of electronic music.



Djam Karet - Collaborator

The Collaborator project was the brainchild of Gayle Ellett and rockers Djam Karet. This excellent album features guest artists Marc Anderson, Jeff Greinke, Loren Nerell, Steve Roach, Kit Watkins and Carl Weingarten. There are two tracks featuring Walter Holland: "Solar Flare" and "Cliff Spirits".


Black Tape for A Blue Girl - Ashes in the Brittle Air

Black Tape for a Blue Girl is the well known flagship group of Projekt Records featuring Sam Rosenthal. Walter Holland has occasionally lent an artistic or technical hand to Black Tape, and this album features a track called "The Touch and the Darkness" on which Walter supplied guitar and vocals.


Black Tape for A Blue Girl - Mesmerized by the Sirens

On the album "Mesmerized by the Sirens", Walter got to sing another song called "Lie Broken, Bleeding", played a little guitar on "Hairline Sunlight" and did some minor synth programming.


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